Heading home with our new monkey friend!

We played one game at the fair to win a prize for Rhema and we chose this monkey sitting in a banana.  She LOVES this monkey!  He is really soft, well made and just the cutest thing!

What a happy face!

It is such a fitting memory toy because while we were at the Fair there was a free exotic animal display where Rhema watched a very animated monkey swing and climb all over his cage for about 15 minutes!  She talked the most about what she saw saying phrases like:  “it’s a monkey!”, “climb up up up”  & “hi, hi monkey…bye bye monkey.”  We had the most fun just watching her watch the monkey!

“Monkey in banana bucket!”

Rhema kept giving her new monkey friend kisses as we strolled her towards the van to head home.  She kept repeating a phrase that I could not understand right way….then finally I understood it, “Monkey in banana bucket!”  We all got such a huge laugh out of her saying that the monkey was in a bucket!!!  Also, she kept holding up her hand saying “FIVE” for me to give her a “high-five”!  We’ve been working on her responding to auditory input that requires a physical response like “give me five” or “put the ball in the bucket”.  It was so exciting to see HER initiate a “high five” and then follow through with actually doing it!  Her OT therapist and Early Intervention folks will be pleased to hear this new development that we’ve all worked so hard for!  Now, if we can just get her to do this in front of her therapists and EI folks….that is another task all together…. Ha Ha Ha!