Papa Gida Rock!

Rhema was watching Papa water some plants and began saying she wanted to ride the Mule.  It took me a while to figure out what she was saying, but when I finally interpreted her speak, I called Papa on his phone and he was happy to oblige!  He walked over to the window and Rhema began the Papa “chant”!  Papa! Papa! PAPA! She sequels so loudly sometimes you think she will burst from excitement!  Both grandparents ride along when Rhema rides and they stay within the yard per momma’s instructions. LOL!  Rhema loves it and always comes back with a bouquet of flowers.

Rhema is so blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive family!  We are at the year and a half mark since we lost our home and moved in with my folks. Rhema loves it here and I think that if/when we are ever able to move Rhema might not want to leave!   I know that both Papa & Gida have said that they are not allowing her to move—we can move, but she cannot! LOL!  Yes, out of ashes and so much loss can come such beauty.  Rhema is blooming and we are following her lead.  What a wonderful lesson to learn to bloom where God has planted us.  “A child shall lead them,” indeed!