Horses October2 2013 SNAG-0002A Girl & Her Horse..

Rhema did very well riding this week.  She is still fussing in the beginning for a few minutes but then settles right down and enjoys her ride.  She began whimpering and held onto her therapist’s neck so tightly when put on the horse, so I said, “look at my eyes… no fussing…” and Rhema looked at me and said “no fussing…”.  Her therapist and helper we so surprised to hear her respond.  We talked about her horse shirt, and the squirrels and dogs that were running around and she quickly settled down and relaxed.  It just seems to be right at the beginning for a few minutes her new norm is to be a little tentative and whiny.  I’m praying that she will progress out of this given time, but for now she seems to snap out of it quickly and enjoy her ride so we are not too concerned.  We tried a new pad over the saddle in preparation to protect for her casts that she will get in a few weeks.  Even with the new pad I think I will have to put her legs/casts in adult sized tube socks to help protect the casts and her toes.  She will be so cute wearing long socks!!! I’ve got to get out there and find some that are cute!

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