I love these tiny feet!

Rhema is still in the bed with Momma so I’ve started sleeping her without braces since her wound to allow her feet to rest.  No braces (helper shoes) means that her little feet can get twisted into bad positions if not monitored, so I check these precious tootsies all through the night.  Rhema moves around a lot in her sleep so I’m constantly feeling for her feet when she settles into a new position to ensure they are not bent or twisted.  It pains me to think that these little feet will soon have their bones broken for a much greater good.  Rhema needs feet that will enable her to walk but oh, how my heart aches that this is even her reality.

Her wound has healed nicely (pictured on the right heel above) and we are closely watching her newly adjusted braces.  We are headed soon back to Bill to get her twister cable braces adjusted now so then both pairs of helper shoes will be safe to wear.  There is still some tweaking needed on her daily pair as well, so poor Bill will have quite a few adjustments to do soon. There is only three more months left on these twister cables and they will be obsolete after the surgery and Rhema will get a new kind of brace in November.  I’ve not seen it yet, but it is a two part system that Bill feels will help there be a better fit for Rhema’s feet.

Please, family and friends who pray, pray for Rhema’s feet and legs.  In clinic they said that both her femurs are beginning to show rotation as well, but they can only do one surgery at a time so we are starting with her feet since they have 60%+ rotation and then as she grows then her femurs may have to be broken later too.  This was not good news.  We covet your prayers for Rhema and continue to seek healing and wholeness for her body.  Your continued prayers for Rhema and our little family is such a blessing and so needed.  Blessings to you all, our precious family and friends who pray!