Beach Bound For The First Time!

Rhema LOVED the beach!  We finally got to take her to swim and play in the sand at the beach!  The cart we got worked perfectly to transport her around on the sand; she loved it and calls it her “wagon”.  We’ve looked high and low for a beach wheelchair so we could push her around on the sand, but the cheapest we found was $800!  Who can afford this stuff?!  The regular beach wheelchairs are anywhere from $1000-$2200!!!!  So, because she is small, we looked for a beach cart/wagon that had the wheels that are usually on the beach wheelchairs and viola– a beach buggy fit for a Princess!  It rolled so effortless on the sand and she just rode with all her toys and towels!  It worked wonderful and when she gets bigger we will then take these wheels and make a beach wheelchair for her; maybe by then we could even afford one or find a used one.  I’ve looked for 6 months and have not found a used one so the beach wagon idea was born! LOL!

I was not able to get any pictures of her in the water (I need to get a waterproof case for my phone) but I did get some of her in the sand. I took this small pool and put clean sand in it and she just played so happily in it!

Earlier we let her crawl through the sand down near the water’s edge and she loved being splashed by the waves and helping momma find sea shells. Her big brother, Matt found the most beautiful shell and gave it to his sister!  It is very special and we will put it into her shell box we are making!

I took off her braces since she was sitting so well, but next time I will tape them I think.  She got so squirmy that she kept bending her foot at the ankle; oh, it scares me so that she will break her feet!  So, we will tape them next time and just keep trying things until we find what works to keep her feet safe.  Oh, and the pants she is wearing is the latest find of momma.  They go all the way down to her ankle and keep her legs from getting scraped or cut up and they have sun protection built in.  I found the nicest company that will send children with medical needs free swim tights or discounted tights to help them stay safe in the water.  The pink pair we paid for, but she has a blue pair coming that was free!  Praise God for little blessings to help keep my Rhema safe while she plays!

The next morning Rhema’s brother flew home and her daddy drove him to the airport.  I began packing up and heard Rhema stirring in the bed and walked in to check on her.  She opened her eyes and saw me sitting on the bed and sat up and said, “I want to SWIM!”  LOL!  I laughed until I cried!  Not the usual greeting of “good morning momma”, no it was “I want to SWIM!” followed by many, many smiles!  She knew right where she was and she knew there was a beach not far away!  LOL!  The place we stayed had this beautiful painting on the wall of a beach.  Rhema kept crawling up to the wall and saying “I like the beach” or “I want to swim.”  It was the hardest thing not to tell her okay and put her suit on and go, but we had to head back home.

Little does she know that she will have two full weeks of Aquatic Therapy beginning next week where she will SWIM 2 hours a day!  Plus, there is a beach nearby we may frequent after the class!  Oh, she is going to be a HAPPY! HAPPY! HAPPY! little Princess!