She Loves The Sand!

This was the second time ever Rhema got to sit in the sand!  It was so cold and windy this day, but after lunch Rhema kept saying “I want to sit on the ground…In the sand!”  So, what would you do?  Yep, Momma rolled her down the handicap walkway as far as possible and then carried her to the closest, cleanest sand I could see.  Rhema just giggled and giggled and immediately began kicking her feet building the hole you see above beneath her feet.  I wrote her name in the sand beside her and she spelled each letter with me.

That 10 minutes in the cold wind was worth seeing the beautiful smile on my beautiful girl’s face!  When I picked her up to head home she said (and signed) “more, more sand!”  I explained it was very cold and windy and we would come another day to the sand.  Momma is going to have to get her plan in the works of how to safely get her some time on the beach so she can play in the sand like a typical child.  Yep, warm weather is coming and my baby girl will have her some time at the beach–this I promise!!!