Bday Blast Rhema Bounce House Aug 2014 SNAG-0017 SNAG-0001Rhema Loved Her Bounce Castle!

Momma and Rhema bounce until the mosquitoes chased us out from outside the night before her party.  We knew that it would be impossible with Rhema’s continence issues to allow her to play in the water (swim diaper) and then go over the bounce house.  So, we decided to get in the Bounce Castle the night before and let her jump until she was tired.   Rhema would get up on her knees and try to jump the best she can.  She loved it and her Cousin Andrew bounced with her all over the place.  We had lots of fun!!!

bday Blast Bounce House Astronaut Aug 2014 SNAG-0000 SNAG-0000Blast Off!

Rhema had so much fun with her Astronaut in the bounce house!  We would “blast” him off and toss him upward until he reached the ceiling!  Rhema thought this was hilarious!!!

We are so excited for tomorrows party and pray that we get a box full of coloring books, colors and stickers to take up to Children’s in a couple of weeks!!   We have wrapped a special box for the donations and we already have some goodies in it from Rhema’s Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather!!!