Play Ball!

Rhema has begun the summer season of Miracle League Baseball and is having a blast!  We are incorporating the loaner wheelchair into the game and Rhema is working on learning to self-propel, turn and stop.  Turning is proving challenging, but I know in time she will get it.  Self-propelling she’s got, but has not learned yet how to do it quickly.  Most of the game I will push her around the bases or else it would take forever, but Rhema still gets to propel herself about a quarter of the time. Her first game she would touch the baseball but still not touch the bat.  But her last two games, Rhema has not wanted to touch the ball but I did get her to touch the bat, with my assistance, and “whack” the ball.  It’s a bit of give and take with all the noise level, so we remain patient with her and give opportunities for new experiences and fun. 🙂

After the game we really worked on self-propelling with the incentive to go and swing, slide and play in the nearby park.  Rhema worked so hard to self-propel over to the park; of course we did help some but we really tried to let her do it.  We are constantly amazed at her strength and the way she adapts to new experiences.  We are truly blessed!