Okay so we are doing the follow-up X-ray early on her foot in the candy cane stripe cast. Rhema has managed to pull her foot up into this cast despite all our efforts. We’ve put her in an above-the-knee cast and also they flattened the top of it to help hold her leg still. Nevertheless our little Houdini has managed to pull her foot up into the cast. We think it’s due to the swelling going down and the foot being so VERY swollen when she was casted a week ago. 

Her Surgeon looked at several images we sent up today and he noticed her “fracture has moved” and responded with a “DANG!”  Soooooo, back to Bham we go for him to see her in person.  It’s not clear if she will just be casted or if we will find ourselves in the OR tomorrow. 

Please keep her in your prayers that we can find a solution soon. Pray for wisdom for her surgeon. Pray for safe travels for us. We will update Tmw.