Bike3 BEST March 2014 SNAG-0000

Rhema was so weak the first time we put her on the bike last week, but this week, she is back to flying!  I’m chasing her!  Her dad is chasing her!  We’ve now put her riding more on the grass to help it be more difficult to pedal, thus working her legs more and also, so we can keep up with her!  LOL!  Rhema rode three times this past week.  The last time, which is pictured here, she rode for about 45 minutes (with many rest breaks) and then when we told her we had to go inside, she began to cry huge tears!  She was not ready to go inside and wanted to keep going!  This kid LOVES her bike!  It is such wonderful exercise for her and we are SO VERY BLESSED to have a bike she can ride!  YEA, AMBUCS!

Bike2 March 2014 SNAG-0001