“In the water and swim” was the first words she said to me today!

Her daddy brought her to me this morning wearing her swim suit and she was all smiles!  Rhema jabbered on and on about being “in the water” and “splash in the water”; yep, she was one happy girl!  This was to be our last session here at this specific therapy center and then we hope to transfer her to another facility.  We don’t have everything set up yet for the transfer so we may have to add some additional sessions for our little tadpole girl.  LOL!  She was so excited and happy to be back in the water now the wound has closed on her foot.  Oh, I pray that never happens again with a wound on her foot; it really set her back with her physical therapies.  Yes, we were both happy that she is back to all her therapies!  However, I think her enthusiasm surpasses mine especially when it comes to her aqua therapy! LOL!