1st Horse Ride Red Oak Farms in FL Dec 2014 SNAG-0013New Horsey Friends!

We are so very happy to report that Rhema has a new place for Therapeutic Riding!   Our hearts have been so heavy that we’ve not had a place to take Rhema to work on building back up her core muscles as we continue to work toward the goal of walking.  Building her core muscles and her hip muscles are crucial for standing erect and walking.  After having her surgery in January and then all the castings in the follow up months, it’s been a long year of working on walking and we have little to show for it.  With Rhema’s months of multiple UTIs in the mix, this year has just been unproductive toward getting her back up and walking.  Then throw in the need for higher bracing and that long wait to get her KAFOS — ahhhh!  Yes, it’s been a long, long year.

Nevertheless, we are sooooo very happy to have her horse riding back in place once more; this can only help to get her closer to the goal of walking.  Plus, the Lord answered our prayers once more and we’ve been approved for a 20 session scholarship!  God continues to provide for our girl and we could not be more thankful and grateful!  It’s blesses my heart to see her back in the saddle and she loves the horse, who’s name is Gwenny!  We look forward to 2015 and know that with all these things in place, that it’s a matter of time now and Rhema will once more start step-step-stepping her way toward walking once more.  Praise Jesus–let it be sooner than later, Lord!