Rhema is almost back to her normal, sun-shiny self!  Her daddy took her for a bike ride and she really enjoyed being outdoors after being inside for so long being sick and then in the hospital too.  She rested all through the night last night without crying once; she did wake up, but put herself back to sleep without fussing. I've noticed today that she is still pulling at her ears, but all things considered, I think that is to be expected for a little while.  Her voice is coming back so she no longer sounds like part of a Mafia family, ha ha ha!  Too bad she did not get to see her "Uncle Michael"  when her voice was so raspy.  Her cough is much better too and her appetite has fully recovered.  She still had meds for a few more days and we are pumping up the probiotics and vitamins to help her battered immune system regain it's strength.  We are so very happy to see our little girl on the mend! 

Many, many thanks for the prayers for her while she was so sick and in the hospital!  And thank you all for your continued prayers for protection as her immunity comes back up after such an attack.  We will do a post in a few days with her progress.  Blessings to you all and many grateful smiles from a happy, encouraged momma with a much happier, healthier baby Rhema…..