Rhema did GREAT at her hippo-therapy lesson!

She started out a little hunched over and uncertain, but by the end of the lesson she was sitting up big and tall!  We really feel that maybe the UTI/Impaction/CSF Fluid Swelling had a role to play in why for the last few lessons she has not wanted to sit upright.  Maybe it was more comfortable for her to hunch over; it’s any-ones guess really, but it could be a factor.  We may try a different blanket on the horse the next time, which has an actual raised place for her to put her hands, so she feels more secure.  However, she may not even need it, so we will just see how she does next week.

We were all so proud of her too in that she talked much more while riding and did not purse her lips as much.  The helpers that walk with us were all laughing at her sweet little voice as she talked about things she saw around her.  She saw a piece of farm equipment which had wheels and said “bicycle!”; anything with wheels is a bicycle to her!  I explained this to the group and they all got a laugh out of it.  She is so cute riding and talking!

It was so very hot and when we got into our van she looked at me and said “water”!  I always have a cold water ready for her and we follow it up with a cold juice too, but this was the first time she asked for “water”!  It is so neat to see her starting to do new things! We all sat in the van and cooled off for quite a while after I changed her diaper and clothes and drank our waters.  It was a hot lesson, but a great one to see my little girl back in the saddle again!  🙂