Wearing Red For Heart Awareness Month & Our CHD Buddies

Rhema still had us concerned on Friday so we made a trip to the Pediatrician to check her ears and throat; she was still waking each night once or twice and was still just not herself.  Everything checked out fine and as far as the Doc could see there are no problems.  So, we are stumped as to why she is still not back 100%.  The Doc said that she may just need more time to get back to eating and sleeping regularly so we are just having to be patient.  Rhema has done better today and we are planning to get back to all her regular therapies and activities this week.  Please pray that she sleeps better and eats better this week so she can keep up her strength.  Also, pray protection over her as her immunity is still compromised and it makes me nervous getting back out into public.  I must say I’m happy to be getting back to a regular routine as Momma’s had cabin fever the last few weeks while staying in with my wee little girl.

One more cute picture of Rhema as we were leaving the Docs office.  As I’m pulling out of the parking lot I hear Rhema say “good boy Ernie” and give him a kiss and hug.  Apparently Ernie was a good boy in the van while Rhema and I were in the doctor’s office….maybe she put him in charge of all her other toys and guarding the van while she was away.  Either way, I agree, “GOOD BOY ERNIE!” (smile)