Train Ride After AFO pick up March 2014 SNAG-0021 On a “little red train ride”

So, we left Mr. Bill after getting Rhema’s new AFOs and headed to find some shoes that would fit over her new braces.  Mr. Bill gave us a tip on some mesh shoes he’s seen other kids wear that have AFOs so we went on to the mall looking for that brand.  It took us 2 hours but we finally found something we think will work and we were very grateful as Rhema begins PT in 48 hours!  The shoe place was nice and gave me a shoe horn as that was the only way to get the shoe over the rivets on the sides of the braces.  But hey, we got them on and I think they will work.  We will let the PT take a look and be sure they are stable enough for Rhema to begin standing and walking.  I think the PT will be surprised at how much Rhema’s legs have atrophied.  I was so surprised that when I tried to stand her up, she could not even bear her own weight.  She just buckled  and fell over onto me.  Poor kid!  Mr. Bill said that these surgeries are really hard on these kids with nerve damage, so we have our work cut out of us.

While at the mall Rhema enjoyed wheeling herself all over the place!  Momma chases her pretty much and we are still working on the concept of staying with momma!  Now that Rhema can go, she just goes— there is no stopping her!  LOL!  She had a blast; she rode the train with momma and shared a slushy with momma too!  Rhema usually does not like anything cold (she will no even eat cold ice cream) but she was brave and ate about half of my slushy!  I was so proud of her trying new things!

Smoothy Time March 2014 SNAG-0020