The Biggest Fan Of Baby Jesus!

Rhema got to experience “A Walk Through Bethlehem” recently.  This was such an amazing experience for us all and I’m so very happy Rhema got to experience this along side us.  The church did an awesome job on everything from the logistic of moving thousands of folks through the tour, to the costumes, Bethlehem town, and all the props!  It was fantastic!!!  All of the participants were very “in character” the whole way thru.  After completing our walk, we warmed up in the church’s fellowship hall and there were several characters in the building along with us.  Rhema spotted this lady with her “baby Jesus” and Rhema began to exclaim “Jesus! Jesus!”.  (I love to hear her say His name.)  So, I approached the actor and asked could we get a picture of her with Rhema.  She was so precious to allow Rhema to stroke the baby’s head and allowed Rhema to jabber on about the “baby Jesus.”  What a precious moment to witness!  As the lady was leaving we gave her Rhema’s card and asked her permission to post a picture of her and her child.  To our amazement she said “yes, and by the way, I’m the head pastor’s wife and this is our child — his name is Keller.”  Wow!  Out of all the four shifts of actors who characterized Mary and Baby Jesus we meet the Pastor’s son, Keller and his precious Mom!  What a blessing!