Rhema has just left for her procedure. She is such a “pro” at this.  She told her nurse that she did not have her “red bracelet”(latex allergy) and that her bunny needed one too.  The nurses are so sweet here and our nurse quickly got her and bunny their missing bracelets!  Lol!  

Now we wait….  

Now we pray….. 

I’ve started my stop watch to help me keep track of time she is away….

Waiting is the hardest part…. Tick, tick, tick goes the clock in the little room I’m waiting in. She will be returned to this room and we will do post-op together; that is a welcomed change and much preferred to the last 3 times we’ve been here. 

Breath in. Breath out. 

Worship music needed for this waiting…. Signing off for now and will post again when she returns.