Irun4Ashley2 Aug 2015 SNAG-0001 SNAG-0003Our Runner!

Rhema has had an exciting experience we wanted to share with you guys!

Rhema was assigned a runner, named Ashley, with the IRUN4 program!!!

IRUN4 is a wonderful organization that matches up children, who have challenges, with runners that do marathons.

(Clink on the above link to learn more about the program)

Now, our sweet Mrs. Ashley lives in Texas, very far away.  Typically we’d never get to meet, but Ashley and her family came to Florida a few weeks ago and we were able to take Rhema over to meet her!

Ashley and her family were so gracious and kind!  Rhema loved meeting Ashley and her 3 precious little girls!

We got to spend several hours together and have a WONDERFUL visit!!!

It’s so wonderful how the Lord brings folks into our lives; we look forward to many, many years of friendship!!!

While we were there, we went to a VERY family friendly restaurant that had an arcade, Lulu’s.

Lulu Arcade Aug 2015 SNAG-0002 SNAG-0002Look at those tickets!

Rhema has really come along way with her Sensory Challenges; even just 6-9 months ago she’d never enter a noisy arcade.

Now, she would not play any games herself, was very on-edge with all the noise and lights, but she STAYED in there.  She’s pick the games and we would play them.  She kept her distance and watched and did not cry once!

That is a HUGE WIN for her!  We were so proud to see her progress and pray for the day when she can play a game and not have any overload.

There was a wonderful worker who took a shine to Rhema . When it came time to pick out a toy for her tickets, this precious lady “multiplied” the amount and gave Rhema this mermaid doll!

Rhema had a wonderful visit all the way around on this mini-trip to the beach!

Lulu Lady & Doll Aug 2015 SNAG-0003 SNAG-0001