Like My Shades?!

Rhema got to ride under the new Riding Arena for the first time last week!  We’ve watched this massive structure begin built for such a long time now, to be able to finally ride under it, was so awesome!  The best thing is rain or shine, Rhema can ride now and not miss so many sessions due to inclement weather.  Plus, it will be easy for family and friends to come and watch her ride, like her great-grandparents, because there is a nice, easily accessible area for them to sit.

There is NO doubt in my mind that the huge increase in Rhema’s stability and strength in her torso and legs have been vastly due to her Hippo-therapy.  When someone picks up Rhema they say “whoa, she is solid and heavy!” or “she has such strong muscles!”  God is so faithful to provide for these wonderful therapy sessions via our local Civitan group.  Every week while I watch her ride I say a prayer for safety for her and I also pray a prayer of blessing over our friends, the Civitan group.  We do not take for granted one iota of support or blessing that has come our way!   God is good, no doubt, but He chooses to work through regular folks like you and I to demonstrate His goodness.   Our little family has been so blessed to meet many willing vessels, like the Civitans, and we daily endeavor to BE willing vessels.   What an awesome gift to be used by the Master’s Hands!