aquatic therapy Coach Sharon July 2014 SNAG-0026Lovin’ My Coach Sharon!

Rhema did even better on week two of the Aquatic Therapy class!  We incorporated in some water proof ear plugs and that really seemed to help with her sensory issues.  She did not cry the whole week!  Plus, we think the ear plugs helped to free her up to swim more because she was not overwhelmed with all the loud noises.

aquatic therapy coach sharon and rhema sitting July 2014 SNAG-0014What Storm?

One of the days all the pools had to be emptied of kids due to a storm in the area.  Rhema sat with Coach Sharon and her swimming friends as they waited for the all clear to get back into the water.

Aquatic Therapy Drying off July 2014 SNAG-0027Drying Off…

Rhema would sit everyday on this little chair to dry off some before we put her in her wheelie and head to the locker room.  She was fascinated with the exercise equipment and always wanted to hold the bar-bells.  Oh, and in this picture you can see her big band-aide on her foot.  That is a new wound that she did on her other foot during our three day break between classes. We are almost to the date where she gets her shoe guards that will allow us to strap her feet onto her wheelie foot plate, but not before she cut her foot and scared momma to death!  We were at chill yogurt with her little cousin Sanako and her aunts when I looked down and Rhema’s foot was covered in blood!  Rhema kept kicking her slippers and socks off the whole time we were there and I had put them back on at least 3 times while we sat there eating our icy treats and visiting.  I missed it when she, once again, kicked off one sock, had rubbed that foot on the back of the foot plate.  At first glance I thought she had really sliced her foot deeply due to all the blood, but once the nice folks at Chill gave us a medical kit and we got her foot cleaned we found that there was only two small abrasions/ cuts.  Praise God!  I was really upset about this whole incident!  I had some latex free band-aids in my van which came in handy.  We have since added a full latex free medical kit to Rhema’s wheelie backpack so we will not be caught out and not be able to safely treat a wound.