Aquatic Therapy PC Pillow Nest2 July 2014 SNAG-0031My Pillow Nest!

Okay, we day one of Aquatic Therapy went great.  Day two…not so much.  Rhema is currently in a medication change and even though we had really taken every precaution, the new medication make her tummy sick and she had to miss one whole day of Aquatic Therapy.  She had a whole day of “blow-outs” where she had to have three changes of clothes; this is not conducive for swimming.  So, we called to let them know she would not be in class and stayed in the hotel all day to keep her as clean as possible. This also complicates our process of getting her completely back to healthy with the UTI she has had.  We will continue to treat the UTI, but may need to delay the recheck of her urine another week due to the extra poop issue.  Ugh!  One problem begets other problems…. Another issue when your kid has SB.

PC Aquatic Therapy Pillow Nest1 July 2014 SNAG-0032Peek-A-Boo!

Rhema was not in any pain and was very happy (as you can see by the pics), but it just was frustrating to miss her swimming class.  Finally around 5pm everything had slowed down some and we felt confident to take her out of the hotel for a few hours.  We went to Wal-mart to get more band-aides for her foot, did a quick diaper change and cath in the van and then made it to the beach just before the sunset.

Sunset Pic2 July 2014 SNAG-0023Our Mermaid Princess!

Rhema was so sweet to sit for a quick photo shoot at the beach.  We watched the sun go down as a family and watched some folks fly a kite nearby.  Rhema so wanted to get into the sand, but we did not have a way to do that really and we needed to get some dinner soon anyway.  So we told her we had a surprise back at the hotel for her (we colored in a huge new coloring book of Curious George in outer space) and she seemed to be okay with missing out on the sand.

Sunset Pic7 July 2014 SNAG-0018Too Cute!

Sunset Pic6 July 2014 SNAG-0019One More!

All in all, even with missing out on a day, Rhema was able to make 5 out of the 8 Aquatic Sessions this year!  Rhema LOVES LOVES LOVES swimming and we were so thankful for everyone’s help in making this year’s Aquatic Therapy Class a reality for Rhema: Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather for the use of the room at their condo, Papa Gida as they always do, and the hotel for giving us a reduced rate so we were able to add one more night which allowed Rhema to attend the last class since she missed the one prior.  We know that every effort we make to allow Rhema opportunity to swim, exercise and move her little legs, go towards a more mobile Rhema; every little bit helps on this journey.  We are blessed!