aquatic therapy hotel swim July 2014 SNAG-0015Additional Swim!

After each Aquatic Therapy session, we would take Rhema on to another pool to allow her more time in the water!  Our second week we were able to use hotel points so momma did not have to drive back and forth; the hotel had an amazing indoor pool.  The people at the hotel were wonderful with Rhema and we will back down there for sure to stay with them in the future.  They made sure Rhema had a bath chair, roll away bed and even played with her in the lobby while she rolled around.  Everyone was so gracious and it was wonderful to find a group that is so kind to our girl!

aquatic therapy hotel swim dry off2 July 2014 SNAG-0016“I’m Jesus”

Every time Rhema wraps up like this she will say, “look, I’m Jesus…”.  I think it is so cute that she says that and I’m sure Jesus gets a kick out of hearing her say it too!  It’s probably from reading all the story books to her and seeing many of the pictures depict Jesus in a hood.

aquatic therapy hotel last swim July 2014 SNAG-0028Last Swim…

aquatic therapy hotel swim dry off July 2014 SNAG-0017

We were hoping to take Rhema one more time to swim, but after this picture was taken we went back to the room, she vomited all in the bed and on momma.  Poor kid!  I was concerned that she had hurt her shunt, when she was on the steps she hit her head on the metal handle once, but after much observation we determined she had ingested too much water.  It gave us a big scare, but we were thankful that it was a one time occurrence and afterwards she acted fine; she even ate some dinner after we got everything cleaned up.

So, swimming was off the agenda…. we worked on some cognitive development and building patterns using some bunny cookies.  I was happy to see Rhema get several of the patterns right as I lined up each pattern and asked her what came next in the pattern.   Rhema has come a long way in a short time on some of her cognitive processing delays!  Yea Rhema!

Aquatic therapy Hotel Patterns Working July 2014 SNAG-0029