Rhema’s Daddy made a homemade apple pie and piled the apple cores in a bowl near Rhema’s highchair.  She is getting so much bigger and her reach is getting longer and longer, she grabbed an apple out of the bowl before I could stop her.  The apples were Granny Smith so I knew they would be tart, but I thought it might be interesting to see what she would do.  Much to my surprise she chewed on the apple for a while and got several pieces off of it.  So, we decided to keep an eye on her and let her continue to take bites off of it.  I prepared her dinner plate and then turned to check on her and then saw this face….

It was such a funny face that I quickly snapped this picture!

So, does she like apples….I’m not sure…. we will have to try another apple when I can get some Honey Crisp!  Those are Momma’s favorites and I think Rhema will love them too!