Ready for another miracle?  Check this out!

Today was our follow-up appointment with the Orthopedic surgeon (foot doctor) concerning Rhema’s club foot.  You should know that this is the same doctor that confirmed her club foot diagnosis at the hospital shortly after birth.  So as part of this follow-up we were expected to be scheduling her casting, braces and surgery if necessary to correct this condition.  Well guess what?  The doctor said SHE HAS NO CLUB FOOT!!!

He was a little baffled, saying that her feet today are not the same ones he saw when he evaluated her shortly after birth!  He was expecting to have to treat the club foot that he originally witnessed.  To be clear, there are still some bone and tissue alignment issues that we are working on through physical therapy (which is going very well), but this has nothing to do with the (former) club foot.  So the bottom line is we don’t have to do anything in the way of orthopedics right now and can re-evaluate any casting needs at a later time.  The doctor said to keep on doing what we are doing and we should continue to have good results.  Thank you Jesus, our Great Physician!

Rhema's Feet 9-23-10