Girl Who Donated a Loopsy to Rhema Feb 2014 SNAG-0000Meet Cadie….

Rhema has a new buddy!  Sweet Cadie is a precious young lady who donated to Rhema a new Lalaloopsy doll!  I am always looking for small, used toys for Rhema’s long road trip to Children’s and for after her surgeries and I located this little doll that was for sale.  I worked it out with Cadie’s momma that I would buy the little doll for Rhema for half of the price I could get it in the store, but when it came time to pay for the doll, precious Cadie had made up her mind to just give it to Rhema.  Now, some would say, “hey its a cheap little doll….no big deal”, but it is a big blessing and a wonderful gift-from-the-heart!  We asked for a picture of Cadie so we could honor her for the blessing she was to Rhema.  In this world that seems to grow more evil by the day, I love these “kisses from the Lord” to remind us that there are Angels who walk among us…. One of them are named Cadie and we are blessed to have met her!  May the Lord bless you, precious Cadie!  You have a lovely heart and Rhema loves her new little Loopy!!!!

Loopsy Donated by Little Girl Feb 2014 SNAG-0006 SNAG-0000