CRS Foot Plate2 Sun Glasses July 2014 SNAG-0002Sun Glasses Over My Super Mask…..Yeah, That’s How I Roll…..

Rhema attended a seating clinic this past week and she just had to be Super Rhema and wear her cape and mask.  So we went all-out!

I put on her Super Girl shirt, pink starry tu-tu and her silver princess slippers and we headed out!

CRS Foot Plate1 July 2014 SNAG-0003It’s Super Rhema in her Super Wheelie!

In the picture above you can see the continuing issue we have with her feet and legs.  It is near to impossible to keep her feet on the foot plate and if you remember we had an incident the week prior where she cut her foot on the metal.  Yikes!  Her wounds are healing nicely, but that is not something I want to repeat again.  We’ve been waiting for a few weeks, but the day finally arrived where they were adding some shoe holders (with straps) to her foot plate to help keep her feet positioned better and also keep her from injuring her feet again.  Yay!  Rhema was a little tentative as she watched them totally dismantle her wheelie down to the frame.  She kept saying, “I want it put back on…”  We all assured her that they were “fixing” it and they would put it back together very soon.  LOL!  They adjusted her seat and back rest, fixed the tip guard in the back that had broken and then added the shoe holders.  When we strapped Rhema back into her chair and began to strap her feet she got very upset, but settled down quickly; I guess she decided that it was not that bad.

Thank you so much the the CRS Seating Clinic folks for all ya’lls work on Rhema’s wheelie and finding us some shoe holders so quickly.  We are relieved not to have to be so worried about her injuring her tootsies again.  Rhema is ready to rock and roll again, and in a much safer way!  We are blessed!

CRS Foot Plate3 Team July 2014 SNAG-0001