Stander September 2013 SNAG-0000 Rhema Loved Her Mobile Stander!

Rhema stood for weight bearing exercises and learned to roll herself all over the porch!  Yes, she had a blast…….

Unfortunately, it lead us to the pediatrician’s office with a bad looking boo-boo on her right ankle that progressively looked worse over a 48 hour period.  One of her bones began to protrude out of her ankle more than the norm and developed a bruise by Wednesday night.  Also, Wednesday night she was doing some jumping on her knees and we heard a “crack” sound which made us even more uncomfortable…. It’s been really rough waiting for them to cast her due to her AFOs not fitting right any more and her being so active.  We CONSTANTLY have to watch her feet, knees and legs to keep them safe until we can get her into casts and then into proper fitting, new AFOs.

Pediatrician Office Ankle xray September  2013 SNAG-0003However, never let it be said that we do not ROCK the pediatrician’s office in style with our new pink bow and her AWESOME new Doc McStuffin’s shirt!  I gave her the shirt and she held it up, gasped and whispered, “it’s so beautiful!”  Ya’ll, I laughed until I cried!!!  She is so funny now adays with the way she is expressing herself.

The pediatrician’s office lead to onto the hospital for x-rays…

Hosptial Xray Ankle2 September 2013 SNAG-0001 Rhema really did well once she calmed down a bit and momma became her singing jukebox!  She would name a song and I would sing it!  The current, most requested song is “Tiny Tim the Turtle”…. thanks so much to Mrs. Dusty and her school!  I sing it several times a day now!  LOL!  The x-ray technicians wanted to hire me to stay the rest of the afternoon, but I told them that this little Princess had me booked for eternity with few breaks or intermissions.  LOL!

Hosptial Xray Ankle September 2013 SNAG-0002We are just being silly and taking a selfies (thats the plural of a selfie) as we were waiting for the xray technicians to process the film.  There was not a radiologist on hand so now we wait to hear back from them tomorrow if there is a break or a fracture.

Please pray there is not a break and that we are able to get her casted ASAP.  Also, we got a call from her surgeon and he will be out himself on medical leave for up to 2 months.  So, that means they have to see if another surgeon will take us on for the casting procedures.  I’ve stressed to them that she need it immediately and we cannot delay.   Pray things will work out soon and we are able to discern what next steps to take.

We will update on her x-rays as soon as we hear something!