Kids Market Sept 2014 SNAG-0005Loaded Down!

Okay, so we are back!  Whew!  When our local Kid’s Market is going on momma has her hands full to get ready!  Twice a year I sell items at Kid’s Market to pay for Rhema’s seasonal wardrobes.  The more I sell the better, so I work my tail off (with wonderful helper like Rhema’s Grandma Sandy) and we tag as much as we can to sell.  This year we had a HUGE blessing from Rhema’s Uncle Mike and Aunt Heather of over 14 bags of toys for us to sell!  It was lots of work but we were able to process all the toys and books which will help our sales immensely this Fall!  Yay!  Thank you guys for the donations!!!  I also saved a box of toys for Rhema and a box for her little cousin Sanako; the girls will greatly enjoy their “new” toys as we dole them out over the next few months.  We put in a grand total of over 300 items!  I’m so sick of tags, safety pins and boxes; I am glad that its over until we do it all again in Spring.  But we are not thinking about that right now!  LOL!  I’ve already got to shop once and was able to get Rhema’s fall coat, several pairs of pants and shirts.  I pick up a small Veggie Tale castle toy for her which she has loved playing with today and she was very excited at the Auburn shirt I got with Aubie on the front!  Yes, she’s a happy girl today with her “new” stuff!