1st Teeth Brush Cart Full Dec 2014 SNAG-0022She Got Them All!

Rhema finally got through a two week of brushing her teeth!  Now, this means that she “allows” momma to brush her teeth without fussing, drinks water when we are done from a tiny cup and then allows momma to put the little dentist mirror in her mouth at the end to look at her teeth.  All this is huge progress for Rhema!

Rhema got to pick out a toy herself from the store for her big accomplishment!  She picked out a girl superhero complete with cape, helmet and a scooter (Rhema calls it a “motor”)!   Now we have cleared the chart and are moving to more difficult tasks: Rhema brushing her own teeth without hand-over-hand assistance and spiting into the sink.  Our new goals are not going as well.  She really wants hand-over-hand help and she refuses to spit in the sink.  So this next chart of stars may take a while.  Say a prayer that these age -appropriate skills will “click” in her brain and she can make some headway soon.

1sr Prize Teeth Brushing Dec 2014 SNAG-0023