Meredith Event Emily March 2015 SNAG-0011 SNAG-0006Mrs. Emily!!!

Rhema attended an AMAZING event a few weeks ago that we did not want to overlook posting about– The Meredith’s Miracle’s– Characters for a Cause Event!   This precious lady pictured above is one of our most favorite folks of Team Rhema Miracle– she is a blessing and a half!

Rhema had a blast at the event and chose the outfit she was wearing herself; she wanted to be Micky Mouse (Minnie Mouse) rather than a Princess for this event.  LOL!

Meredith Event Bounce House event background March 2015 SNAG-0006 SNAG-0011She got to jump in a Princess Castle Bounce House!  These were the only 2 pictures out of 20 that were not a blurry blur!  LOL!

Meredith Event Bounce House March 2015 SNAG-0005 SNAG-0012

Rhema got to meet SOOOO many of her favorite Characters!

Meredith Event Doc March 2015 SNAG-0012 SNAG-0005Doc McStuffins gave her a quick check up!

Meredith Event George March 2015 SNAG-0013 SNAG-0004She monkeyed-around with George and the man with the yellow hat!

Meredith Event Jake  March 2015 SNAG-0010 SNAG-0007Got hooked by Captain Hook and Jake!

Meredith Event Donald March 2015 SNAG-0014 SNAG-0003Quacked around with Donald and Daisy.  Plus, photo-bombed by Dora’s “back pack, back pack…”  (did you sing it?– I always do!)

Meredith Event Frozen March 2015 SNAG-0008 SNAG-0009Stop off to visit her favorite Snowman Olaf & chilled with Elsa & Anna.

Meredith Event Fairys March 2015 SNAG-0009 SNAG-0008Picked up some Fairy Dust while visiting with these Fairies!

Meredith Event Ninja Turtles March 2015 SNAG-0007 SNAG-0010The Turtles taught her some cool Ninja moves!

This event is so very amazing and so much fun!!!  It’s done annually and we plan on being there and bringing friends along with us next year!