AMBUCS Rhema Upclose On Bike October 2013 SNAG-0001Rhema The Minnie Mouse Princess Rider!

Rhema must have biked a couple of miles this day for the Ambucs event!  She rode her bike around the parking lot for at least two hours and we chased her the entire time!   That night, she fell asleep at 7:45pm and slept through the night until the next morning!  Yes, our precious girl got her exercise!!! LOL!

AMBUCS Rhema & Cow Rings2 October 2013 SNAG-0012PT Tu-tu Sparkle!

Rhema loved riding on the green bubble wrap and hearing it pop under her wheels.  At first she was not too sure, but after a while she loved it!  She also had a blast playing with this physical therapist who was dressed up as a “Tu-tu Sparkle” Christmas Elf!

AMBUCS Rhema & Cow October 2013 SNAG-0010Got-cha!

This was a cow roping game and I think they “roped” the wrong little cow! LOL!  Rhema did not seem to mind!

AMBUCS Rhema and Cinderella October 2013 SNAG-0008Rhema’s Princess Friend!

Rhema met Cinderella at the Ambucs event and did not quite know what to do! LOL!  She slid away from her on the bench and barely made eye contact.  I sat near her and pointed out the Princess’s gloves, sparkle jewelry and dress and then Rhema began to look at her and warm up.  LOL!  Rhema was so cute!

AMBUCS Rhema and Belle2 October 2013 SNAG-0007Princess Belle!

Rhema sat closer to Princess Belle and looked at her more!  She liked the sparkles on her dress and that she had “long brown hair” as Rhema put it! LOL!

The event was wonderful and Rhema won the costume contest!  I, momma, gave the opening remarks from the stage and my sweet hubby said that I “nailed it”!  Yea!  I was nervous but also wanted to help support this amazing organization that has meant so much to our family.  It was a WONDERFUL day for us all and we look forward to next year and supporting our Ambucs of the Wiregrass again!