As we left the hospital, in the lobby, we ran into the two ladies who work with the wagons! They remembered Rhema from last year when we did our wagon drive! They had a group of perspective volunteers, of which several of them were Deaf who had an interpreter with them. It was very nice to meet them and Rhema be able to see folks using the language she is learning.
It is in the 20s here in temperature and we finally got everything loaded; it was difficult to get her into her car seat. We got her in and even before we hit the interstate, Rhema was fast asleep. She slept the whole way to the hotel, slept as I wrestled with her to get her out of the car seat and into the wheelchair and then into the warm lobby. She slept while we transfers her into the bed and got her feet propped up. Then she slept and slept. Momma also crawled in besides her and took a quick nap too! Yea for sleep!