Phrases Frequently Heard While Watching Football: “Helmets!”, “Run Run!”, “Football!” “Auburn!”

Rhema loves to watch football; she’s a girl after her Papa’s & Momma’s heart!  Any team that is playing football on television is “Auburn” in Rhema’s eyes.  So, apologies to Alabama, but you will be know as “Auburn” when we watch you whoop up on the fighting Irish in January.  LOL!  I kind of like the spirit of it all, my girl keeps my Tigers alive in kicking even past their season.  (smile)  Auburn’s season this year was not much to watch, but we did watch — with tears!  Our beloved Auburn Football Program has recently gotten an overhaul and we are very excited for what next season will bring.  Maybe by next year we can get Rhema to say “War Eagle” and “Touchdown!” — those two very important phrases she has yet to master.  Well, War Eagle and Welcome Home to our new head coach Gus Malzahn!  Rhema, Papa and I will be watching next season to see her Tigers lead to victory!!!