Walkin’ and Rollin’!

Rhema is pretty much back to her normal, happy self– Praise God!  We are back into the swing of a full week of therapy and appointments.  Rhema did wonderful during her PT sessions this week and her therapist said that she was very surprised at how well Rhema she did after being gone for almost a month.  Another good report is that her PT said Rhema is pretty much doing much of the work herself and she thinks it will be not much longer before Rhema can walk on her own with the walker.  WOW!  How awesome will that day be!!???

In this picture she has such a sweet smile!  The PT recommended that we add some additional pieces to the walker called a “pelvic stabilizer” that will help Rhema stay positioned in the middle of the walker area; this will help her gait pattern as well.  We are working on that with our DME folks and hope to get that soon to help her when she is ready to be an independent walker.  🙂

  After PT we drove toward the beach and Rhema just jabbered on and on about the water, the birds, the sand and the “BEACH!”  Before we left to head home I walked her toward the sand and she kept saying she wanted to sit “on the ground!”  Even though I was hesitant due to her having her AFOs on and not wanting them to get sand in the Velcro, I decided that rewarding her excitement was more important than Momma having to do another repair job on the Velcro.  (smile)  Once she was sitting in the sand she just talk and talked about it all, but she would not really touch the sand.  It was funny to watch her jabber on about everything, but not being too sure about it at the same time.  She only sat there for a few minutes and then we had to leave for our long drive home.  All in all I think “first contact” was a success and I’m already working on how to REALLY take her back and let her have time to explore the sand and all the other new experiences at the beach.   Somehow I think she will be a beach baby and really surprise me how much she will explore when that day comes.