How Much Is That Princess In The Window? The One With The Curly Hair? — Priceless!

Rhema has her own room!!!!  My sweet baby sister, who has a home here in town, decided to give Rhema the room in my parents home that was her’s as a child.  The room was painted, cleaned and we brought Rhema’s furniture out of storage.  It was bitter sweet for me to see all the furniture, decorations and toys that Rhema has been without for over a year while she has slept on the floor in our closet.  It was like opening time capsules and seeing all the things we packed up over a year ago when Rhema was very much a baby.  I’m still busy at work everyday trying to get everything set up, but when I get it done I will post some pictures so you can see our Princess’s room!  It’s VERY exciting for many reasons:  she no longer has to sleep on a mattress in a tiny closet, she has a huge room where she can crawl and play, we can have some “play dates” with kids her age, and we have a wonderful, safe area for physical therapy!  WIN! WIN! WIN! WIN!  And she LOVES the huge window that gives her a view of the front yard where she can watch birds, squirrels and the dogs running around.

I was working in her room and Rhema was crawling all over the place when she spotted her Papa out front riding in the Mule.  Rhema became very animated and said “I ride! I go Papa.. with..ride!”  It was so funny listening to her communicate what she wanted to do!  I grabbed my phone and called her Papa who pulled back around to Rhema’s window and they waved and waved to one another.  I signed to Papa that if he wanted to come get Rhema she wanted to ride, he gave me a thumbs up and up the stairs he came.

Three words sum up our Rhema: Happy-Happy- Happy!