Tea Party with Casts Feb 2014 SNAG-0001It’s Hot Tea!

Rhema and Daddy were having a tea party when momma walked in to put up some clothes.  It was so cute to see her pour the tea and then blow on it because she said it was hot!  (I’ve been sharing my real hot tea with her to try to warm up her chest due to her cough.  So, she seen me blowing on it before sharing it.  Rhema will not sip the warm tea, but will drink it with a straw; hey, however she will drink it is fine with me.  LOL!)  Oh and in the picture, you can see the small toy tea-cakes, she even shared them with daddy and they “munched” on them.  It was a really nice tea party!  Very cute to see her interacting so well and correctly!  Yea Rhema!