Rhema’s biggest brother, our Marine son, was able to work in a visit over the Thanks Giving Holiday!!!  Rhema knows his face, but has not seen him in person in almost a year.  She has enjoyed so VERY much having him here and has had so much fun over his visit!

Upside down!

Rhema and Steven have played, cuddled and given so many sugars to each other I think she will really miss him when he has to return to base.  We feel so blessed to have had this special time with him and Rhema be praying especially hard for her “Steben” when he deploys in the Spring for Afghanistan.

What an amazing big brother!

What an honor it is to have such a wonderful son!  We are so very proud of him, first because he is such a wonderful young man, second because he has chosen to defend our Nation as a Marine.  Rhema’s big brother will be soon be in a distant land fighting for his life and for the cause of Freedom; and when I think of this soon coming reality, my heart skips a beat.  As you look at Rhema’s wonderful brother pictured here, please say a prayer for his protection in his soon coming tour.  We will post an update upon his official deployment and will especially covet your prayers during that time.

Blessings to you all, our precious family and friends who pray!