Rhema & Joshua June 2014 SNAG-0000Selfies!

Rhema and her daddy have this thing lately of taking selfies of them together!  It is so cute to hear her ask him can they take a picture together.  Yes, I could have posted some pretty crazy pictures of them but I refrained and picked this nice one.  (You are welcome, honey….rather I refrained because I know you’d post something incriminating of me like when I was asleep in Rhema’s bed with her night-night snuggle bunny!)  LOL!  But I digress… I just wanted to give a shout out to all the dad’s today and wish Rhema’s daddy, and all dad’s, a wonderful Daddy Day!  Yes, this is the day when you may not be asked to change that diaper, you may get a silly neck tie, and you wife will do her best to refrain from nagging for this 24 hour period.  LOL!

No, you dad’s are the first “man” in your little girl’s life and a very important one, in that, you are the one who get to introduce her to and be the reflection of Father God to your little Princess.  I’m so blessed to have my own dad who was THE BEST reflection of Father God to me, and still is, so my hubby had huge shoes to fill.  I’m then doubly blessed in that my hubby is a wonderful reflection for our kids of who Father God is.  He is fun, silly at times, immeasurably loving and kind, and is a wonderful role model.  Yup, just like our loving Heavenly Father.  Rhema has no idea how blessed she is; her brother I think are old enough to realize just how much they are blessed to have a dad who loves them, to infinity and beyond.  Rhema will realize it more when she is more grown.

So, thank you to my dad, John aka. “Papa” for EVERYTHING you are and to me and to my family.  Rhema light up when her Papa comes in the room; I love that so deeply on levels I cannot explain.  And thank you to my precious hubby, you bless me everyday just being in my life.  You bless me beyond belief the way you love our kids and I get to witness it everyday with Rhema.  May the Lord richly bless you both, infinity and beyond!