1st small group swim June 2014 SNAG-0004“Can we Swim NOW?”

Okay, so once Rhema knew we were swimming that day, I heard the above question about a hundred times.  She is not pushy or frustrated when she asks, just excited and wants to know is it “Now?”  LOL!  We are so thankful for a wonderful opportunity for the summer that just opened up via our church — a swimming small group for kids and moms!  I was soooooo incredibly happy when I saw this group on our church’s small group sign up for the summer!!! Rhema will have a place to swim once a week that is free and also it’s with other kids from our church which provides socialization opportunity for her!  When we swim typically it’s just she and I, so she gets no interaction with kids her age.  But this summer, she will get some good time with other kids!!!  GOD IS GOOD!

We have to hustle to make it as she has OT up until the time the group starts, then we have to drive there (20 minutes away), change clothes and get her into the water.  This past week all she got was 30 minutes in the water, but that was better than nothing.  This week momma is going to have to be creative in how to stream-line everything so Rhema has optimum time in the water with her friends.  I’m thinking of wearing my swim suit under my clothes so all I have to do is change her.  I wish I could put her in her suit already, but the problem is the swim diaper– they do not hold any urine and she will make a mess of herself before we’d even get there.  So, I’m working with the OT therapist to get us out of there earlier than last week and hopefully we will do better this week.

It’s wonderful time for me too as I get some time to swim and talk with the mommas there; wonderful ladies who all go to my church.  I hope to build some more friendships with these ladies and make some life long relationships while paddling along with my girl.  I’m a bit more self conscience among this group (as opposed to the public pools we swim at) as typically I do not wear a swim suit to church on Sundays!  LOL!  In reality, they probably should not make swim suits in my size as I’m the largest I’ve ever been in my life.  It’s nothing I’m proud of; I’ve simply just not thought of me at all over the last 3 1/2 years with all the stuff with Rhema.  My health and my weight have gotten simply out of control.  All the other mommas are cute in their suits and I’m displacing the pool water as I swim.  LOL!  No, it’s not that bad, but it’s what it feels like.  But, I will do anything for my Rhema, even if it’s feeling embarrassed in my swim suit among my peers; there is simply nothing I will not do for my little precious girl.  I type my experience here too knowing that there will be a momma of a special needs kid who identifies with it.  Precious mommas, we’ve got to learn that taking care of our self is just as important as taking care of our kids.  I’m learning that somewhat late and definitely the hard way, but Praise God there is Grace for that too!  As my favorite fictional character, Anne Of Green Gables once said, “everyday is new with no mistakes in it.”  So, I will wear my swim suit, swim with my girl, build relationships with wonderful friends and continue working on getting myself in better shape.  Yes, and Amen!