1st Princess Party Up Close2 May 2014 SNAG-0020Beautiful Rhema!

Just in case you’ve forgotten how lovely she looked since our first post this morning, we wanted to share one more close-up picture of our Princess! LOL!

Rhema loved, loved, LOVED all the Princesses at the party, but she was especially fascinated by the Mermaid!

1st Princess Party Mermaid May 2014 SNAG-0016

Rhema also LOVED the Butterfly Fairy!

1st Princess Party Fairy Princess May 2014 SNAG-0017

Each and every one of the Princesses were AMAZINGLY dressed and WONDERFUL with the all the kids!

1st Princess Party Outside Princesses Mermaid May 2014 SNAG-0019

The big finale was the Princess Tea where each Princess sang a lovely song!  The HIT of the night was Princess ELSA who sang “Let It Go.”  ALLLL of the little girls where just elated at Princess ELSA!! The most amazing thing for us as the mommas were that the each Princess could sing beautifully!!! They all must have had voice training or something because they were wonderful performances all!

1st Princess Party 4 Princesses May 2014 SNAG-0027

The whole night was exquisite and Rhema really seemed to enjoy herself: she got a pink crown, made her very own Princess wand, got her nails painted sparkly and got to eat “yummies” while listening to Princesses sang!    What could be better?  LOL!  It was really an amazing experience and we are already planning to take her around Christmas time for their Christmas Princess Tea!!!

If anyone would like the information on the place who hosts these Princess events, it is located near Birmingham Alabama and it’s called The Enchanted Forest.  We hope to attend many, many more events with these folks and want to support their business!