1st Princess Party Dress Full4 May 2014 SNAG-0021Absolutely Stunning!

Okay, prepare for estrogen overload….if you are faint-of-heart, stop reading this post now….. you may be cuted-to-death or even worse, contract beautiful-itus…..

You’ve been properly warned……… LOL!

Rhema attended her very first Princess Party!!!!!!  OH MY GOODNESS was it wonderful, amazing and soooo much fun!

1st Princess Party Up Close1  Looking UP May 2014 SNAG-0022

Rhema dressed in her princess dress, complete with a Princess necklace.  She looked gorgeous; like a little baby doll!

1st Princess Party Dress Full1 May 2014 SNAG-0025

 Each little girl got her nails painted (Rhema pick out a pink sparkle polish), make-up (Rhema only allowed a sparkly lip balm to be applied), her hair styled by a professional stylist and got to pick out a special crown just for her;  she picked out her little, cute pink stone crown! (pictured above)

1st Princess Party Make UP May 2014 SNAG-0018

At the party there were Princesses of all kinds to play with the girls; the girls learned how to walk like a Princess and twirl.  Since Rhema was in her wheelchair, this was a little difficult due to the party being outside on a stone cobbled/grassy area.  Anything that requires moving about is difficult when your child has mobility challenges.  Most times you do not know all the challenges the environment will bring until you arrive at the location.  We have to think fast in the moment to ensure that Rhema participates and is not excluded from activities.  Let me say this, the place that hosted the event could not have been nicer — but they cannot foresee every obstacle.   So, for the “Princess Walk” we had to do Rhema’s separate from the girls on a smoothed paved surface rather than out where the other other girls were.  It was a little disconnected feeling, but the best solution we could devise quickly.  Also, another example, the area where the beauty shop was located was up a flight of stairs.  We had to carry Rhema up the stairs so she could participate with her peers.

I share these points not to speak poorly of the Princess Hosting Group, again I say, they were wonderful to Rhema, but to give insight into the challenges faced by those kiddos in wheelchairs.  We’ve talked before about the difficulties in having a “level” field-of-play for Rhema, that with each new location we take her, there are always challenges.  Now on the surface we do not flip out, rend our garments and cause a fuss; no, we quickly work out the logistics and transition her into that plan so the fun continues seamlessly.  But deep, in those areas of my momma’s heart, I grieve all over again; it’s a sadness I wrestle with each time.  I pen this here, not for pity or attention, but to once again, be honest about our experiences with Rhema in the hopes of helping out other families similarly journeying.  My friend once told me, who is a seasoned momma of a special needs child, “it” is always worth the hassle.”  What is “it”?  “It” is whatever, however, and by-any-means-necessary, whatever “it” takes, — to give our children quality life experiences, equal to their peers, is what we do– and will continue to do.  So, bring on ALL the Princess Parties, etc…. Rhema will be there, front and center– sporting her pink tiaras and enjoying the heck out of life!