Pnut Parade shuttle Nov 2013 SNAG-0003Rolling in the shuttle toward our wagon for the parade!

Rhema was blessed to, once again, ride in a wagon in the parade this year with her Hippo-therapy program!  We decided to go all out and dress her up in a cowgirl outfit complete with a little cowgirl hat!  She was a doll and looked so precious.  In the picture above she is riding in the shuttle down the parade route (minus her cowgirl hat) and looking at all the bands and floats.  She’s never ridden in a car outside of her car seat and she loved hanging out the window talking about all the things she saw!  LOL!

Pnut Parade momma and rhema Nov 2013 SNAG-0000Waiting for the parade, I was able to snap this picture of us.  It is the not the best and the lighting was horrible with the sun behind us, but you can see Rhema’s cowgirl hat in this picture.

Pnut Parade sidelines Nov 2013 SNAG-0002 Since we were at the front of the parade, we were able to join our family and watch a good bit of the parade together!  Rhema loved seeing all the bands, listening to the music and waving to all the “Princesses” on all the floats.  We had a blast watching it with her little cousin Sanako!  Both girls were so fun to watch the parade with!!!