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We’ve got so many praise reports I do not know where to start!

Okay, to begin, Rhema’s x-ray came back showing no fractures!  Her ankle and foot looked fine and they think it’s just a really bad sprain.  Her bruise is getting bigger and darker, but we have peace that it’s just got to go it’s course toward healing.  Our task is to keep her foot as stable as possible and she cannot weight bear until after her casting.

The second praise report is concerning her casting schedule and new, temporary physician.  As you know we received a call from Rhema’s orthopedic surgeon concerning his own medical emergency surgery that will take him away from his practice for up to 2 months.  Daily we pray for all Rhema’s physicians, surgeons, therapists, specialists and social workers but now we are specifically praying for him with this immediate need.  We ask our prayer partners to do the same.  So, with this upheaval in his schedule Rhema had no attending physician who could monitor her through this 6-8 weeks of castings.  It’s been increasingly difficult as time goes by to keep Rhema’s legs, feet and ankles safe due to her AFOs no longer fitting so any delay was a concern.  We’ve been praying and contacting her ortho’s PA each day and we finally received word late yesterday afternoon that she was able to get Rhema in for casting with another specialist who works with our Spina Bifida clinic and we can begin casting THIS MONDAY!  Praise God!  We are so grateful to the PA for all her work in getting us in and are very happy to get this process started.

Our last praise report is centered around the IEP meeting.  I went on less than 2 hours sleep and was able to make coherent sentences—that is the first praise report! LOL!  No seriously, we feel the meeting went well.  It was a joy to meet the county’s board of education special ed coordinator and an immense joy to hear that all week she’d been praying, like we had, about this meeting.  It’s wonderful to meet someone who is so obviously in love with the Lord and who also is extremely equipped to do her job and with joy in her eyes!  Working with children with special needs and their families is difficult.  Many times the repercussions of the  child’s diagnosis make it challenging to incorporate them into a classroom environment.  Yes, it’s challenging work; it takes a person who can approach those challenges with creativity, resourcefulness and joy to endure and not burn out or become hardened. We were blessed to meet someone of this caliber and she has promised to work along side us to help Rhema have a successful and safe experience at school.  Now, things are not settled yet as to the actual details of how this will be accomplished, but we did walk away feeling like a good ground work and next action steps were set toward this goal.  I keep reassuring my momma heart that everything is a process and that God’s got this, I only have to keep moving forward and I will find the solutions.  We ask that you KEEP PRAYING for this issue with the school system! Pray that we are able to corporately come to the best possible solution for Rhema’s school environment which will keep her safe as well as foster successful learning opportunities.  The spec ed coordinator and I will have a follow up discussion at the beginning of the week to clarify some points from our meeting.  I am developing some check list for the school nurse and the classroom teacher to assist them with Rhema’s care and medical needs.  So, this momma has homework this weekend!  LOL!

Well, the Lord is good.  Not for what what He has done, but because of WHO HE IS.  And what He does is good, all the time— it’s His very nature.  So, I’m learning and practicing how to trust when things work out and when things do not work out.  The praise reports are wonderful and I love to give them, but I will still praise Him when they don’t go how I think they should.  Now, I may ask for prayer too when things aren’t going like they should! LOL!  But I will still praise Him then too as I know, that I know, He is STILL GOOD even during those times.  So, just a little note as to the inner workings of my heart and what I am learning as we walk this road with our precious Rhema.

Blessings to all of our family and friends who pray!  Keep it up!