Snowman From Ornament Swap Dec 2013 SNAG-0000Momma Did Good!

I attended Gida’s church’s Women’s Christmas party the day before we left for Rhema’s clinic.  It is an present swap where everyone plays a game and each participant has the goal of keeping the item they want.  The items can be taken by others in the group and the goal is to get the item you want within the guidelines of the game.  There was this precious snowman as one of the gifts and I was able to get it and keep it to bring home to Rhema!  Yea Momma!

Rhema loves the snowman!  She had him dancing and throwing kisses with his mittens!

Snowman From Ornament Swap In Van Clinic Trip Dec 2013 SNAG-0017A Road Trip Buddy!

Rhema’s new friend, her “frosty”, came with us on her Clinic trip!  Sweet Frosty sat in her lap much of the way and she talked and talked about his carrot nose, his mittens, his hat, his scarf, etc…….  Yep, the snowman was a big hit and I was proud to have won him for my girl!