Rhema received a very special gift from an Artist who lives in Charlotte.

While visiting my sister’s church, my mother met Mrs. Susan Card, a wonderful woman of God and a very talented painter.

Here is a picture of Mrs. Card:


My mother shared Rhema’s miracle story with her and told her of the excitement about Rhema’s upcoming Dance Recital.  Mom said that they had a wonderful time sharing about all the Lord has done in Rhema’s life and then after a while Mrs. Card disappeared for a bit and then returned with this painting to give to Rhema.

The painting is entitled “Dance of Joy”.

How very special that Rhema receive this right before her first Dance Recital!  I cried when my mom told me about Mrs. Card and her lovely gift to my precious Rhema.  I watched Rhema hold the picture while saying “dancing! dancing!”; she was absolutely memorized by the image’s colors and the beautiful dancer.  How wonderful to receive this “kiss from the Lord” for our little family as we celebrate Rhema’s miracle of movement in her soon coming recital!

PS. Join with us, our precious family and friends who pray, that Rhema will remain healthy for Saturday.  We all appear to be well and on the mend, but I’m keeping a constant prayer on my lips for complete, lasting recovery for all of us and for Rhema to have NO SHUNT issues between now and Saturday’s recital….I would appreciate your prayers too for this….

Blessings to you all!