sb clinic march 2015 SNAG-0000Waiting for my check-ups….

Rhema rocked her 6th month check ups with all her medical team!  She laid so still for her renal ultrasound and asked the nurse 1000 questions about what she was doing.  LOL!

Her kidneys and bladder all look great so we will return in 6 months for the big test, a VCUG, where they will take a look again at her continence issues.  Her neurologist said all was well with her shunt and we will see him in 6 months as well.

The physiatrist said she needs new AFOS (her little braces) and her KAFOS (her big braces) have to be adjusted at her knees due to her growth!  We knew she has grown but, wow, a double wammy, both sets of leg braces at one time!

sb clinic donations march 2015 SNAG-0000Gifts for my friends…

When we go up for clinic, we always take gifts for the Child Life department.  We’ve taken coloring books, stickers, crayons, etc….. They then give the items to kids in the hospital or in surgery center; Rhema has received many items herself while at Children’s.  This time we took packs of small stickers.   Children’s is such h a wonderful support to our family; we love to be a blessing while we are being blessed.

We will post more pics when we are home; right now momma is very tired and headed to bed.  Rhema is fast asleep near by with her bunny  and I’m headed to dream land myself.  Thank you all for your prayers!!!!