Rhema loves her dolphin she “won” while playing the “pick up a duck” game!

Rhema attended Special Citizen’s Day at a local fair.  Highlights included: sitting on a tractor, watching some prize winning, HUGE pigs in the barn, watching a puppet show and playing the ducky game!  She talked the most about the duck game “they have glasses”, “they swimming”, “1, 2, 3,…..”, “hi, hi ducks”, “bye bye ducks” etc…. She was so cute!  We got her the dolphin and the precious man running the game gave her a new duck to take with her to “remember him by.”  How sweet is that?  We talked with him for quite a while and he asked us to pray for him to find a new job so he can be home with his grandchildren more and also for his sister “Debbie” as she has a terminal disease.  Join us, our prayer warriors, when you read this a say a prayer for this dear man and his sister who showed extra kindness to our Rhema.

Rhema all bundled up in the evening at the Fair!

We took Rhema back one night to the Fair so she could see all the lights!  She loved all the blinking lights and all the music played everywhere — she’d dance in her stroller when ever she’d hear a song!

Rhema rode the Merry-Go-Round!

She is much too small to ride anything, but we wanted to take her on the Merry-Go-Round thinking she would like it as she rode one at a mall last Christmas before her surgery.  NOPE!  She did not like this one!  The whole time she covered her eyes and would not look around at all, poor baby!  I admit, it was a little faster than any other I’ve ridden before….  Towards the end she finally took her arms down and Daddy was able to snap this picture.  When the ride stopped she looked at me and said, “all done! off! off!”.  She looked so pitiful!  Once we got off she was back to normal and enjoyed the rest of her night.