Rhema put her shoes on her hands, then shoes to her cheeks and exclaimed “OH MY!”

We got such a giggle out of Rhema being funny with her shoes!  She put her tiny baby doll in one of them and told us “shhhhh, sleeping.”  Oh, it was the cutest thing ever!!!

“OH MY!” is one of her favorite phrases now and we’ve all enjoyed hearing her say this and sometimes it expands to “oh my goodness.”  We started telling her that we would go to a fair and see lights and she said, “oh my!”  Fair pictures are soon coming – – prepare to be “adorable-ized!”

Then Rhema was asked to ride on a wagon in a local parade to which she said, “wagon! (gasp) oh my!”  I’m loving hearing her talk so much more and more!  We’ve got Parade pictures and video soon coming– prepare to be further “adorable-ized”!  We’ve had a busy, fun filled week and I hope to post some of my favorite pictures of Rhema’s latest adventures!

Next week it’s all about doctors and therapy so it’s been nice to have just some fun this week with our precious little Rhema!

PS. You may notice the tiny red line above her eye?  That is her first ever “toddler-related” boo-boo!  She hit her head (thank God not her eye) on the corner of a table!!!  Ohhhh, I was so worried; but Rhema did not cry at all, she just kept going like nothing happened.  Then we notice a tiny, red, blood-lined scratch!  WOW, her first boo-boo not related to her diagnosis, I thought…. this must be what “normal” feels like! 😉