Rhema in Cha Cha's Scarf April 2014Aunt Cha-Cha’s Scarf…

We had a lovely day with both of Rhema’s Aunts and her little Cousin Sanako!  We went to the mall and had lunch at the food court!

Merry Go Round Friends April 2014 SNAG-0002Rode the Merry-Go-Round together!

Cha Cha Rhema's Bow April 2014Aunt Cha-Cha got a little silly and tried on Rhema’s bow!  LOL!

Rhema and Sanako In Buggy Publics April 2014We finished with Rhema and Sanako riding the buggy together for the first time at the grocery store!

I must say that Rhema had another “first” here too while riding the buggy.  We buckle Rhema in, but Sanko was not buckled and every time Sanako would stand up in the buggy Rhema would say “SIT DOWN!” in a very authoritative tone!  We laughed so much at this because Rhema has never, ever “bossed” another kid before.  Rhema will say, “come here” to kids if they are away from her, but to order another kid to do something like to “sit down” was a first!  LOL!  She did this every time Sanako would stand up! LOL!

Oh, and another “first” for Rhema that day was with Sanako again.  The two girls were watching fish swimming in a fish tank and Sanako shoved Rhema out of the way so she could get in front of her.  Now, to this point Rhema would just move herself in her wheelchair or would have leaned around the child to see — not today!  I watched as Rhema reached up and shoved Sanako back to the side and wheeled herself back up where she could see.  WOW!  I watched in amazement!  She’s not asserted herself like that before.  My first instinct was to correct the “shoving” incident, but I stopped myself.  I was on the one hand proud to see Rhema’s growth in asserting herself but on the other hand, do not want her to get into the habit of shoving kids.  In the end, I just let it go as it passed so quickly and we were walking out the door.  Really, I’m just so happy to see her do age-appropriate behavior, I could do a little happy dance!  LOL!  So, shove-on my little girl….shove-on!  (but not toooo much, okay?)  LOL!